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Sound AI technologies based solution to intelligently transcribe conversations through understanding the context of the conversation.

Ideal for Schools, & Universities. Business meetings, Court proceedings, for lawmakers speeches, for authors & writers, & for focus groups or in depth interviews.

With 100+ Languages support, Translation AI for instant translation of the speech. Backed by Natural Language AI for Keywords, Entities & Sentiment Analysis for for deep down insights & robust search capabilities.

talkaTRON´┐Ż supports 100+ languages. 247 Operations. Highly scalable. Save a tremendous amount of time & cost.

Our solution is one of the most amazing solution which has been developed on AI technology by using the deep learning and machine learning techniques. For enquiry, please email us at [email protected]

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Artificial Intelligence based solutions which converts voice into text with 90% accuracy and speed, normally sometimes people called it speech to text solution also. It can be effectively used in schools, education center, parliament, meetings, medical transcriptions, courts. Etc. The AI Voice and dice solution named TALKatron convert voice into text solution for many products, which activates through voice and also work as password voice key with filtration of other noises. 100+ Language support with Natural Language Support and robust search capabilites.

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Talkatron, AI Product for Speech to Text Convertion

DP WORLD, Client of Perceptron, Tensorminds for Implementation of Buoylight, BuoySpot, BuoySpy