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AI Powered Solutions for Container Terminal Automation On SeaPorts, Dry Ports and Airports

An AI-base solution to capture Container and Vehicle information with laser fast speed and with astounding accuracy and easily integrates with Terminal Operating System (TOS) applications.

Deployed at In and Out Gates, at Weighbridges and at Quay Cranes increases. Cloud-Based Solution is easy to deploy and to manage. On-Premise options are also available.

Increases Terminal Productivities and Efficiencies manifold and Saves millions of dollars for the business. Highly Scalable. Designed for 247 Operating under toughest conditions.

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An AI-base solution for automatic detection of different types of container damages (e.g. Dents. Bends, Rusting, Corrosion, etc), classifying it, measuring it, and finally comparing it.

Ensures a significant reduction in false damage claims, ensuring vessel and workers safety both on the ground and aboard ship.

Saves millions of dollars for terminal operators and vessel owners. Increases capacity, enhances terminal productivity and efficiency. Highly scalable. Designed for 247 operating under toughest conditions.

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An AI-base solution to observe activities inside the terminal area round the clock all seasons.

Detecting and alerting for the people in the terminal area without Safety Helmets, Jackets, Masks, Gloves, etc.

Detecting smoke or incident of a fire breakout. Identifying stray animals or littering. Detecting and counting vehicles in the terminal area.

For timely actions to minimize losses, reducing the incidence of safety breaches.

Our solution is one of the most amazing solution which has been developed on AI technology by using the deep learning and machine learning techniques. For enquiry, please email us at [email protected]

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Buoylight, AI Product for Container Management and Tracking

BuoySPOT, AI Product for Container Damages on real time

BuoySPY, AI Product for tracking in yards and ports places

DP WORLD, Client of Perceptron, Tensorminds for Implementation of Buoylight, BuoySpot, BuoySpy