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The Perception Global is the world leading organization and has been working on artificial intelligence deep learning, and machine learning products. The team of Perceptron Global has developed 21st Century AI Based Products, which helps the different Industries and assist them that how the artificial intelligence will increase the productivity & Efficiency of the organizations.

The organization have a team of researchers, marketers , and experienced consultants, who have the extensive experience in their domains as well as the exposure of the international countries like UK, Europe, Middle East and Far East and implemented more than 1500 plus project according to the requirements of organizations.

The committed people of team have develop the state of art products in respect of Artificial Intelligence, which are working on deep learning and machine learning techniques. All the products are having their own proprietary level engines and platforms, where no other renowned platforms have been used to devise these products. In this respect, our products are highly secured, due to no influence on any other external platform and therefore, the chances of vulnerabilities are very low and products are highly secured accordingly. All the products engines interfaces are encrypted, encapsulated.

The team are focused in four major ares of AI, which are Vision, Sound, Natural Language, and Predictive Analysis. Though all products focusing in these areas.

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Best Products & Services

Artificial Intelligence Based Products of Perceptron Global

AI Ports Containers Solutions

AI Container Terminal Automation Solutions for Sea Ports, Air Ports and Dry Ports.

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.01 Buoylight, BuoySpy, BuoySpot AI Based Product

AI Media World Solutions

Media Capturing, Monitoring & Never Seen Analytics for media world.

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.02 Media TV, Radio, Internet Based AI Solutions

AI Healthcare Solutions

AI Medical Diagnosis Via Medical Imagery & Sounds, Clinics & OT Efficiencies & Smart Patient Advisory Service.

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.03 health Care Solutions for Hospitals and Government

AI Customer Services

AI Powered Customers Services Solutions for Banks, Coroporations, Universities, Hospitals and Schools etc.

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.04 Customer Services for Banks and Corporation Through AI Based Conversational Design Call Center and BOT.

AI Powered Safety & Security Solutions

AI Powered Smart & Safe Solutions for Cities, Malls, Shopping Centers, Parks, Public Places etc.

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.05 Safe Cities, Malls, and Public Places through Intelligence AI Solutions

AI Powered Prediction & Planning Solutions

Deep Learning Based Powerful Predictive Algorithms to Process & Analyze Data for realistic forecasts.

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.06 Data Science Techniques and Algorithms for Sales Analytics, Weather Conditions and etc.
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Ports Container Terminal Solutions


Safe City solutions


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Best Services & Products

Artificial Intelligence Based Products of Perceptron Global

AI Geo Spatial Solutions

Deep Learning Technologies Based GIS Application System to analyze satellite imagery in unprecedented ways.

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.08 Media TV, Radio, Internet Based AI Solutions

Voice & Dice

Sound AI technologies based solution in 100+ Languages for schools, business meetings, courts, interviews, etc

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.09 Voice to Text Through Natural and native Languages solutions

AI Powered Retail Solutions

AI Powered Intelligent Self Optimization Solution with POS Data Analytics & Shelf Space Optimization.

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.10 Retail AI Based Solutions to measure the productivity of the Store.

AI Mall Safety Solutions

AI Powered Mall Safety & Secuity and Intelligent Surveillance Solutions with data analytics.

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.11 Safe Cities, Malls, and Public Places through Intelligence AI Solutions

AI Manufacturing Solutions

Product Quality, AI Powered BI, Predictive Analytics, AI Business Tools.

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.12 Product Data Quality Maintaining and reducing errors through AI Solutions.
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AI is the future, and if people have fear the after coming of AI the usual jobs will wipe out from the market, So they are totally wrong. It is same situation when computers comes in the business and people have fear that their jobs will not sustain or remained. But we have seen! that more jobs were created and revolutionary jobs came into the Market. Same as AI will create more Jobs and more opportunities, So we must be ready for future...