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Media Monitoring, Capturing and Analytics

AI Powered Solutions for Media Monitoring, Capturing and Analytics

An AI-Based solution to convert all types of media (TV, Radio, Social Media, or offline media) content into a searchable and analyzable text data format. Extracting comments in social media posts. Identifies various types of features & objects in video frames, converts text on the screen into data, transcribes every spoken word in talk shows, news, dramas, etc, generates keywords, and performs sentiment analysis.

Its petabyte level Analytics Powerhouse provides never seen insights through 1000�s of data points and numerous analytical perspectives. Highly efficient, saving time & cost, and building capacity.


An AI-based solution for Natural Language-based intuitive communication with the corporate databases for both your employees and your customers. Voice Actions control liberates you from the inconvenience of the laptop and BI applications to the convenience of smart speakers, and smart displays to access Business Intelligence effortlessly.

Listen to your Top Business Stories, your Schedule, your Top Emails, along with your preferred global news while enjoying your breakfast or in your office or in your car.

Supports 100+ Languages. Connect to Unlimited Data Sources. Efficiencies & Productivity in Information access. Helping in Growth.

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An AI-based solution to allow your customers and employees to connect to corporate data over ordinary telephone lines.

Automating Distributors and Retailers Connectivity for Order Booking, Order Status, Complaint logging and for account statement. When the internet is not available and you need to know your key business data, use callmATICS� for Swift and Precise Business Intelligence Queries.

Unlimited robotic agents, Unlimited Data Sources, 247 Operations, Supports 100+ Languages.

Tremendous Cost Savings, productivities and efficiencies. Towards Growth.

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Deep Learning Based Powerful Predictive Algorithms to Process & Analyze Data for realistic forecasts. Algorithms learns from the data itself on ongoing basis and takes care of multiple factors while predicting different scenarios.

Your Sales. Stocks, HR, Healthcare , Social Media, Production, Safety Incidence, Store Traffic, Website Traffic, Vehicle Traffic, Warehouse & Consumer Behavior data, etc.

Plan and prepare well ahead for resources, infrastructure, logistics, procurement, accommodation, & services.

Highly scalable. Connect with any type of data sources. Any size of databases.

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Sound AI technologies based solution to intelligently transcribe conversations through understanding the context of the conversation.

Ideal for Schools, & Universities. Business meetings, Court proceedings, for lawmakers speeches, for authors & writers, & for focus groups or in depth interviews.

With 100+ Languages support, Translation AI for instant translation of the speech. Backed by Natural Language AI for Keywords, Entities & Sentiment Analysis for for deep down insights & robust search capabilities.

talkaTRON� supports 100+ languages. 247 Operations. Highly scalable. Save a tremendous amount of time & cost.

Our solution is one of the most amazing solution which has been developed on AI technology by using the deep learning and machine learning techniques called Media-Talks. For enquiry, please email us at [email protected]

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Predictive Analysis, AI Solution for All Industry

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