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AI Powered Medical & Health Care Solutions for Doctors, Surgeons, & detect deceases from different types of X-Ray, MRI, CAT-Scan, Ultrasound, Pathological slides or listen sound of respiration & heartbeat with speed and quality, the solution increase the efficiency level of doctors and surgeons and also helps the staff to assist doctors and concerned officers.

Our product is based on Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning technology for the diagnosis of different types of diseases by using different types of medical scans such as X-Ray, MRI, CAT-Scan, Ultrasound, Pathological slides and helps doctors and radiologist timely. Further this product can listen the sound of respiration and heartbeat with speed and quality and timely intimate to concerned doctors if any dangerous situation could be occurred during checkup or medical operation.

It also help institutions in Capacity Building, Quality Diagnosis, Efficiencies and Cost Savings.

We have designed a very simple user interfaces to train the model on different modalities and diseases, which can be integrate to any above mentioned machines. It is also easy to integrate with existing PACS or equipment directly or we can also provide PACS with complete solution.

Quality outputs depends on quantity and quality of training data provided by the institution, hospitals, clinics or else. But solutions is checked, verified and 100% ready and available for health care market.
Our solution is one of the most amazing solution which has been developed on AI technology by using the deep learning and machine learning techniques. For enquiry and demonstration, please email us at [email protected]

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The solution Med BOT will help to free doctors hands, that has been used mostly on computers for feeding process. An intelligence AI Powered Chatbot developed for clinical and operation theater efficiencies.

It is Minimizing doctors time spend on keyboards and the screen. Talks to databases through Voice Actions with secrecy as voice recognition as password of some keywords to access patient's Records. Like Lab reports, asking medBOT™ to display reports on any given screen, tell medBOT™ to schedule next appointment etc

Similarly helping Surgeons for quick accessing of patient's critical records and reports through smart headphone via voice actions, helping for take timely actions and saving patient's life for Efficiencies. Time Saving & Capacity Building.

Our solution is one of the most amazing solution which has been developed on AI technology by using the deep learning and machine learning techniques. For enquiry and demonstration, please email us at [email protected]

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Conversational & Natural Language AI Powered Robotic Call Center Agent accessible via ordinary telephone land lines, developed to provide seamless and swift access to Hospital Information System to its patients.

Listening to Medical Reports, asking Robot to send the report to an email account or via Whatsapp, Set an appointment with the doctor. Seek information related to different departments, and functions, or lab charges.

Up to 70% Automation of Call Center Operations. Support 100+ Languages. Connects to Unlimited data sources and different types of databases. 247, with unlimited agents

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is now most demanding technology, which increase the efficiency and benefits. These benefits in healthcare is beyond to our thoughts, because it is working on existing and intelligent developed data which is requirement of future. Near future, AI will help devotedly and maximally in Health Care industries.

We have developed Artificial intelligence healthcare solutions Operation Theater that helps surgeons during surgery or doctors, PACS Solutions, Picture archiving communication solution through AI now increases the efficiency level of diagnosis of diseases and helps the radiologists to find the appropriate diagnosis.

We introducing pen less patient management system through AI, where medical transcription through AI, Patient appointment through AI from our Medcall – Agent less call center and Doctors daily routines through bot and AI Solutions, where doctors and consultants get all the daily information and schedule on his/her cell phone via integrated with the hospital management system. Perceptron Global is the organization which can provide all these sort of solution with accuracy level to 90% and more, as we have team of experienced experts in AI, who have more than 30 years of experience in individual basis, which deployed mega projects in all over the world.

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Medical Diagnostis, AI Solution for Medical and Hospital Industry

Medical BOT, AI Solution for Medical and Hospital Industry

AI Call Center for medical industry, AI Solution for Medical and Hospital Industry

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