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Vehicle Recognition Solutions Through Artificial Intelligence

AI Powered Car and its LIC Plates Recognition with Color, Model and Tracking Solutions!



An AI-based solution to intelligently scan and read vehicle License Plate information with Speed and Accuracy.

To automate access to a facility and for parking ticket management. Ideal for Airports, Hospitals, Schools, Malls, Office Buildings, for Residential, & Government Office Compounds.

Integrate with Ticket Dispensing Machine and Mechanized Boom Barrier Gate system for automated operations both at IN and OUT gates.

Save a tremendous amount of time and cost savings, Improved efficiencies and productivities.

As stakeholders of public places, malls, hospitals, Government and defense organizations, etc. there are huge traffic is coming and out from it. Due to security reasons and also the identity of the cars or vehicles, most of the organization deputed human resources to scan car plate numbers and on entry points and give parking tickets manually. Due to heavy traffic on these places, there are lots of chances of errors to read the number plates and also it’s a time consuming job, where long lanes of cars waiting and wasting their time to just give their information.

Our solution is related to vehicle recognition through AI techniques, which also track vehicle in the parking lots of concerned organizations. It can be connected directly to ticket dispensing machines and detect cars or vehicles types, colors, models etc on real time mode, and provide ticket with car number, person pics, with time stamping and also control the front barrier. On this solutions, the organization can manage the parking space, time of cards parked in parking, rotation of cars in a day, week or else and provide complete statistics according to the requirements,. This solution can be used in high ways at tolls and automate them without using any resource.

Our solution is one of the most amazing solution which has been developed on AI technology by using the deep learning and machine learning techniques. For enquiry, please enter your credentials here or email us at [email protected]

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